Fourche Creek

Floating Fourche Creek
Audubon Arkansas

Fourche Creek is an amazing yet largely unknown recreational resource located right in the heart of Little Rock.

Join Friends of Fourche Creek today.

Audubon Arkansas is a leader in the conservation of the Fourche Creek Watershed.  Fourche Creek is arguably the most important urban watershed in the state of Arkansas; it drains and filters runoff from Little Rock, Arkansas' capital.

Visit the Fourche Creek Watershed Initiative site to learn more about the status of the watershed, its flora and fauna, Audubon's Fourche Creek projects, and where to float.

Audubon leads a coalition called Friends of Fourche Creek. Our vision is a flourishing Fourche Creek Park and Water Trail where Little Rock residents and visitors can canoe and kayak past ancient cypress trees, fish, hike, watch wildlife, geocache, learn about nature, and escape urban life, all within the heart of the city. Through partnerships we are working to restore and revitalize Fourche Creek for the benefit of the environment and city residents. This watershed provides ecological services, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities for Little Rock. Challenges facing Fourche Creek include pollution, erosion, and limited access. We seek involvement of local community groups and interested individuals in the planning process and ground work.

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