From Fox24 on Audubon Arkansas's Solar Campaign Kickoff: "Solar Energy to Potentially Become More Accessible"

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) - New legislation could make switching to solar energy more accessible as an energy option.

Audobon Arkansas held a campaign kickoff meeting in Fayetteville Wednesday evening to discuss what regulatory roadblocks currently exist in our state.

Arkansas is ranked 11th in the country for solar energy capacity and nearly last in solar infrastructure, according to the organization.

Chris McNamara said the proposed legislation could help more people make the switch to solar.

"You wouldn't have to take out tens of thousands of dollars to finance that project. You could work with a company who would own it and you could lease it from them so it wouldn't be such a massive burden for so many people," City of Fayetteville Sustainability Project Manager Chris McNamamara said. 

Audobon Arkansas Field Organizer Lauren Karpinski said Arkansas ranks 31st for the amount of solar installed and 43rd for solar policies.

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