Big Win in the Fight for Improved Renewable Energy Policy

Audubon Arkansas Plays Key Role in Advancing Solar Policy

Current solar energy users in Arkansas picked up a huge win this week, and future solar customers can now make that investment without fear of future rate structure changes. The Arkansas Public Service Commission’s (PSC) most recent order guarantees that customers who invest in solar energy can lock in their current rates for 20 years, providing the economic certainty one needs to make the capital investment required to go solar. This issue of “grandfathering” has long been a challenge around the country and here in Arkansas, and this ruling has finally delivered certainty for Arkansas solar users.

In perhaps an even bigger victory, the PSC agreed with Audubon’s position that ownership flexibility will spur solar energy growth. The Commission clarified language regarding ownership of solar facilities, stipulating that a solar array may have multiple owners. This ruling opens the door for partnership agreements, further expanding the universe of potential solar energy consumers. While the PSC declined to allow for leasing options – noting that legislative change is the only way to allow for leases – this ruling creates a compromise that will help expand solar adoption in the Natural State.

In total the Order made 112 references to Audubon Arkansas's arguments on behalf of improving renewable engery policy for Arkansans, once again showing the credibility and effectiveness of our network in action.

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