Putting Working Lands to Work For Birds and People

Snow Geese Photo: Audubon Arkansas

There are roughly 14.5 million acres of farm land in Arkansas that birds and other wildlife call home. By developing partnerships, training opportunities, management plans and demonstration sites Putting Working Lands to Work for Birds and People is providing landowners with the tools to enhance their property in cost-effective ways while supporting struggling populations of priority bird species. Audubon Arkansas wants farmers, ranchers, and forest owners to be conservation partners for the benefit birds across the state. 

Working Lands

NATIVE Project

Working with local farmers to to promote native grasses and preserve ecosystems.

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Dicamba Danger

Dicamba Danger

Birds and pollinators are at risk

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Dickcissels breed in agricultural fields. Photo: Matt Stephenson

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Audubon Arkansas, Audubon Louisiana, and Audubon Mississippi have joined forces to become Audubon Delta.