May Migration Madness

Look for these May migrants in a forest or field near you.

In May, migration is in full swing. Birds are arriving en masse after spending the winter in Central and South America. While some species have been on the move since March or April, other species are just begining to turn up around the state. Some are here to breed, others just passing through

Here are birds to watch for in Arkansas whose main migratory movement is in May:

Breeding birds:

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Common Nighthawk

Mississippi Kite

Bell's Vireo

Painted Bunting

Just passing through:

White-rumped Sandpiper

Olive-sided Flycatcher



Canada Warbler (and many other warblers)

We also say farewell to our wonderful winter residents this month, like the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Marsh Wren, and White-throated Sparrow.

For more information on which species to be watching for throughout May, check out eBird’s bar chart for Arkansas. This shows when you can expect specific species to arrive, based on historical data, and provides links to maps and species profiles.

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