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Avitourism Taking Flight at Airport

Audubon's ornithologist, Dr. Dan "The Bird Man" Scheiman, was interviewed by Arkansas Parks & Tourism today for a video to promote Stuttgart Airport as a birding destination. Audubon recognizes Stuttgart Airport as an Important Bird Area in large part because it consistently hosts a range-restricted bird that is reliably seen there more than anywhere in the region - the Smith's Longspur. Birders from all over the country and beyond visit in search of this species.

Arkansas Parks & Tourism and the City of Stuttgart want more birders to visit in order to contribute to the economy. Locals need to know what they have too, so they can direct visitors and better appreciate their communities' avian resources. Parks & Tourism plans to make more videos highlighting special birding destinations.

When you visit Stuttgart Airport be sure to first stop at the airport office so employees know you are birding. There you can see a map and bird-finding guide. Before you leave, please sign the birder’s register to let others know where you’re from and what birds you saw. That's how we prove that birders mean tourism business.

Airport Interview
Dr. Scheiman answering questions about Smith's Longspurs. Photo: Audubon Arkansas

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