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Song Sparrow Photo: Michele Black

Who we are

The Most Influential Conservation Organization in Arkansas for Birds and Other Wildlife

Through science, education, and advocacy, we work across the state to preserve habitat and protect bird species that are of state, national and global concern; and we identify and support Important Bird Areas (IBAs), a hallmark of Audubon’s efforts worldwide.

A Leader in Setting a Course for Environmental Sustainability in Arkansas

It begins with birds, but our mission connects people to nature on a much wider scale. We work on preventing air and water pollution, promoting land conservation, and reducing the impact of global climate change. By building creative public-private alliances, engaging diverse audiences and understanding how to invest in a sustainable economy, we are shaping a brighter future for Arkansas. 

The Arkansas State Office of the National Audubon Society

As part of the National Audubon Society we are able to contribute to a broader conservation strategy that recognizes the need to protect wildlife and habitats at a landscape scale, and to maximize the global impacts of local action. 

Flagship Programs

Connecting People to nature



For more than a century, Audubon has relied on science to protect birds and their habitat for the benefit of humanity as well as the earth’s biodiversity.

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A commitment to education is at the heart of the Audubon tradition. By inspiring more people in more places to value and protect the natural world, we are laying the foundation for future conservation.

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Using the strength of our network to influence policy that protects birds and their habitats.

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