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Fourche Fest Photos
Fourche Creek

Fourche Fest!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate what makes Fourche Creek special

BirdLR Birdathon Results

BirdLR Birdathon Results

Birders had fun and raised funds

Audubon Arkansas to Host Bird Scavenger Hunt this Weekend

Dr. Dan previews BirdLR.

Drain Smart Project Encourages Environmental Awareness

An interview with artist Diann Blevins

Drain Smart is now accepting applications online at

Audubon Arkansas Receives 3M Ecological Grant

Audubon Arkansas Receives 3M Ecological Grant

— Audubon in Arkansas received a $37,000 ecological grant from its neighbor 3M plant for improvements to Gillam Park in Little Rock’s historic Granite Mountain neighborhood.

From the Desk of the Executive Director

I love December. It’s the one time when I know that I’ll get to sit back and take stock of all the things we have accomplished this year. And once again, we’ve had a big year at Audubon. I cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement in 2017. Thanks to you and the hard work of our staff, we have once again restored habitat, educated thousands of young people, and made progress on increasing renewable energy in Arkansas.

As we all settle in to enjoy our families and friends over the next few weeks, I hope you also have time to reflect on the role you played in helping secure better bird habitat. Did you introduce some bird-friendly plants to your yard? Or maybe help with a trash cleanup in your community? Maybe you took time to contact government officials regarding energy policy. Or maybe you attended a chapter meeting and shared your love for birds.

Whatever you did, I hope you know that any action you took on behalf of birds mattered. It all adds up, and working together is the only way we will ever see the progress we want.

It is my sincere hope that you have time to enjoy the holiday season and ring in a new year. Get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Because we’re going to need your help – and that of your friends and neighbors – if we want to accomplish even more in 2018. 


Brett Kincaid

Executive Director/VP

Audubon Arkansas

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